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Today, millions of boat owners share the waterways, and both boating as a sport or fun and relaxation continues to grow in popularity worldwide. Often people think of a powerboat when you mention boat ownership. While the most common boats owned by individuals are powered by either outboard or built-in motors, sailboats are often enjoyed by many.

Our website is intended to provide reviews, opinions, knowledge, and options for really fast boats, as our membership since 2017 is traditionally made up of powerboat owners.

Our website visitors know and love these high-performance machines, which are capable of achieving high speeds. For this reason, you will find that our website is targeted at racing boats, fishing boats, and recreation powerboats.
There are over 53 categories of powerboats and within each category, there are several brands, makes, and models. Our team is regularly providing blog articles that address a variety of areas of powerboating, so please take a look at our latest blog posts:

  1.  Buying And Selling Powerboats
  2. Powerboat Transportation
  3. Experience the Thrill With Powerboating
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  5. Guide To Powerboat Insurance
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Boat Dealers

Similar to motor vehicles, there is often a time when you might consider its time to sell your boat to fund land-based adventures, or perhaps you may want to upgrade to a bigger or better model. So typically you will have two options, sell privately or trade-in your boat with a boat dealer. No doubt you want to get the best possible sale or trade-in price. The key is research so that you know your boats’ value. With a bit of luck, you may find a dealer who is willing to help you determine a realistic valuation for a trade-in or may also offer to sell your boat on consignment. While To don’t actively promote one boat dealer over another, obviously, like every industry there are some dealers that are more reputable than others. Here is a list of the boat dealers that our website visitors like best:
  • Brisbane Yamaha & Quintrex Boats (Brisbane)
  •  JV Marine (Melbourne)
  • BL Marine (Melbourne)
  • Blakes Marine (Sydney)
  • Terrace Boating (Sydney)
  • Dinghy World (Perth)
  • GBR Boat Sales (Cairns)

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