Team Members


Project Manager – Lara Killius

Local: AEGEE-München

I am an open and active girl, who loves to travel. Nowadays I see that especially a lot of young people are very skeptical about the EU and a borderless Europe. I think that it is very important to reconnect young people with Europe and help them to take part in defining it, state their opinion and make a change.


CD-Responsible – Maarten de Groot 

Local: AEGEE-Amsterdam

My interest in the European project, and particularly the question of democracy in and for Europe, dates back to my participation in a number of Model European Parliament conferences during high school. In addition to my philosophy study activities on this topic, I found in the Your Vision for EUrope project the ideal way to get more practically involved in fostering a European democracy built on the active participation of its citizens, and especially its youth.


Content Manager – Aleksandra Mojsova

Local: AEGEE-Skopje

Having grown up outside the EU, but inside Europe, in the very heart of the Balkans, I have been raised to recognize the struggles of a country in transition, and learned to care for it. That has brought me to the comparison- my country to Europe, Europe to the world. And, that made me  realize- Europe is my world. By joining this project, I bring that world closer to others, and hope that we can jointly work towards a better Europe.


Content Team Member – Noemi Lowy

Local: AEGEE-Debrecen

Graduate in International Studies and Languages, currently working in the corporate sector, although still active in the field of youth work. AEGEE has played an important role in my life, and provided me with a wide spectrum of opportunities. By being a member of the Content team of this project, I can spread word of the importance of unity and sharing the same values in Europe among us young Europeans.


Content Team Member – Ioanna Gympaki

Local: AEGEE-Athina

I am a girl who comes from Crete but currently lives in Athens studying Linguistics. My passion for languages has enabled me to come across different people and experience different cultures and ways of life. The concept of Europe as a unified whole has always enthralled me and the belief that this can only be possible through active participation of its citizens made me become part of Your Vision for EUrope.


Impact Measurement Manager – Eva Billen

Local: AEGEE-Maastricht

I’m the impact measurement manager of the project, meaning the person always bothering you with those tiresome questionnaires! I joined the project because I felt like it was time to make more of a difference, and become more of an active citizen. I have quite a few strong opinions, and after years in AEGEE I’m not afraid to make my voice heard. Now I want to give others the opportunity to do the same.


Financial Manager – Adonis Meggos 

Local: AEGEE-Peiraias

I have a distinguishable fear about the downfall of europtimism. By joining this team I actively participate in regenerating the European idea. I gladly help by supporting my team to create something that other fellow youngsters get motivated and elevated by.


Faces of Europe Manager – Viola Bianchetti

Local: AEGEE-Heidelberg and AEGEE-Bologna

Born and raised in Bergamo and now studying in Heidelberg, I lived in-between two European cities. When I am not desperately studying or having a beer with friends, I like reading novels, doing long walks in the nature or attending random dance classes. Europe is my home, for better or for worse, and therefore I want to have a say about its future and allow other young people to do so.


Faces of Europe Team Member – Leonie Riebesam

Local: AEGEE-Aachen

There are a lot of scenarios on how Europe could look like in 10 years. Which scenario will come true depends on us today. For me, this future should always include a closely connected Europe striving together for common goals. I am lucky enough to know people from numerous different countries and I want to share this enriching experience with others. This is why we are working on a blog sharing stories from Europeans with Europeans.

Faces of Europe PR-Responsible – Roberto Cirillo

Local: AEGEE-Bergamo

To me, Europe is an ideal. Call me idealist or utopian if you like. The point is that for me Europe is an aim to achieve. I asked myself: what is the society that I want to live in 10 years from now? In my opinion, the European identity is something to construct. It’s a mind-set first. That’s why I`m taking part in Your Vision for EUrope and Faces of Europe.


Fundraising Manager – Neda Stanojlović

Local: AEGEE-Beograd

I joined this team quite spontaneously after having met Lara during our SU, when she convinced me to join as a FR member they needed. Honestly, it has been one of the best decisions ever! I feel deeply honored to have the possibility to be part of such an amazing group of young people! Since we cherish the same Europe we want to live in, I like to call them my co-visionaries!


Communications Team Member – Elinne Mertens

Local: AEGEE-Leuven

I am a Belgian girl who likes to travel and to gain new experiences. Currently I’m finishing my masters of Law in Leuven. I am a big fan of the European project, but people are losing the connection with it. Since a longer time I want to spend my effort and time to a bigger project where I really believe in. This project is up to bring Europe closer to young people and I am happy to be a part of it.


IT Responsible – Matteo Lai

Local: AEGEE-Cagliari

One of the youngest lawyers in Cagliari, previously football referee, I like to hang out with people who are younger than me because I have the spirit of a twenty year guy. I love traveling and making new friends, speaking English, writing articles in English. I joined the project because I am interested in European politics, also because it is part of my recent studies. I appreciate the aims of the project and I got more sensitive about European issues after the “Brexit”.