SU Call Upon Young Europeans: Aug 20th – 31st

Are you ready for an amazing summer and a unique travel experience? Are you willing to meet new friends from all over Europe? Are you interested in European citizenship and willing to learn more about this topic? Then sign up for the Summer University Call Upon Young Europeans organized by AEGEE-Toulouse, AEGEE-Lyon and Your Vision for EUrope.

As part of this summer event you will travel with a group of 25 young Europeans from Toulouse to Barcelona in 11 days. In between the travels you can participate in all sorts of fun activities such as city tours, language courses, workshops, theme parties and days on the beach. The Summer University will be an ideal way to spend your summer and meet new friends from all over Europe!

Besides the event will be an ideal opportunity to learn more about the functioning of the EU and the benefits of European citizenship. Multiple workshops are included that allow you to understand the basics of the EU and the advantages of being an EU-citizen in an informal way.

The programme includes but is not limited to:

-Workshops on Europtimism, the functioning of the EU, European citizenship and the future of Europe.


-French workshop.

-City Tour of Toulouse and Barcelona.

-Biking tour.

-Orientation race.

-Thematic parties.

-Beach days.

-Introduction to Spanish and french gastronomy.

-Introduction to Spanish and french language.

-Optional fee: Visit of Sagrada familia and Sitges trip.

The fee of the program is €154,-. You can find more detailed information on the event here.

To join this event you need to be a member of the European student`s association AEGEE. You can join by signing up at one of the locals located in most major European cities. Learn more about how to join AEGEE here. You can find a map of all locals here.

Don`t  hesitate any longer and apply for this amazing summer event here. The application period ends on the 28th of April.

For more information don`t hesitate to contact us at