My European Memory

One of the objectives of Your Vision for EUrope is “to involve at least 1000 young Europeans representing at least 25 different countries in public discussions and (social media) campaigns that allow them to share their own personal views on Europe, as well as to be informed about topical European issues and politics.” Therefore we decided to launch the online campaign #MyEuropeanMemory, connected with the abovementioned objective. Also 2017 is the birthday of Erasmus+, so why not connect these two together?

An event on Facebook is created where everyone in Europe has the opportunity to share a memory, moment or experience when they felt European. Include a picture, tag the persons you experienced it with and use the hashtag #MyEuropeanMemory. By posting it in the event, the stories are collected at one place and can easily be shared. The campaign will last for one month, starting the 2st of February and ending the 28th of February.

The online campaign aims at collecting different stories that show a connection with the European project, which is more than only the European Union. We want to show that the European project is part of our everyday lives, that it it’s made up of different moments captured in our minds.